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How war matchmaking works coc

You'll be aware to see at a mall how close you are to a free maxed Base - matcumaking night How war matchmaking works coc is, the night you are to max. You can see the amount of costa loot an enemy War Spot is worth by tapping on it in the war map during can day. Can the prices tie in a mall war. Eyed is the maximum amount of clubs a tour can score in a natural war. Hotel wars matchmaking will only consent clans which have famed equal numbers of participants. Big players will be aware to see that you are still part of an previous war by deal your profile.

The clan castle in your war base is different from the clan Hoq in your village and must be filled separately. The troops donated to a war workks will be used to defend it against all attacks during owrks day. Unlike your regular village, there is no need to request troops for your war base. Instead, all war bases are automatically open for troop donation during preparation day. Remember, troops cannot be donated to war bases during battle day. Can I inform other clanmates that I want to request specific clan castle How war matchmaking works coc to defend my war base? You can write a custom troop request by tapping your war base on the war map and changing the donation request How war matchmaking works coc.

Wor,s happens when I scout a war base? You can freely scout all allied and enemy war bases for the duration of the clan war and even after the war is over to view their base layouts. Scouting is a crucial tool for clan war strategy, as it allows you to give advice to allies and plan in advance for attacks against the enemy. However, enemy war bases aren't visible during preparation day, and their home village layouts are seen instead. Battle Day 24 hours What happens during battle day? This is the day when clans attack, start scoring stars and pushing toward victory!

War bases cannot be changed during battle day, so victory hinges solely on having superior attacking skill and coordination. Pay close attention to how the war map updates after every attack, and adjust your strategy as needed to try to maximize your clan stars! There are two main activities you can do during battle day: How many times I can attack in a clan war? You can only attack 2 times during battle day, so make each attack count! Use scouting and clan chat to plan your attacks in advance. You can choose any opposing player to attack, but keep in mind that you cannot attack the same target with both attacks.

Who should I attack? What is the recommended target? The main goal of attacking in a clan war is to earn stars for your clan by earning them in battle. It is important to attack targets that you think you can defeat. If you fail in your attacks, not only will you not earn stars for your clan, but you will also only earn reduced bonus loot!

How war matchmaking works coc

During battle day, you will always have a recommended target visible on the war map. The recommended target shows you the Norges beste dating sider match for your attack strength based on the defense strength of your opponents. It might provide you valuable information about traps, defending Clan Castle troops, and the effectiveness of certain attack strategies. What determines the best attack against a War Base? The best attack is the one that has scored the most stars against that base. If multiple attacks give equal stars, the attack with the highest destruction rate How war matchmaking works coc considered the best attack.

Do I need to build an army to attack in a clan war? It is up to you if you would rather find a good target for your regular army composition, or if you would instead train an unusual army to take out a specific base with a certain weakness. One thing is for certain, however: Remember to check that your Heroes are awake, that your spells are ready and that you have your Clan Castle full before using one of your precious clan war attacks. How can I view attack replays? The best attack performed against an allied or enemy War Base can be viewed via the replay button shown when you tap a town hall in the war map. The button will not be shown if there has not yet been an attack performed against that War Base.

In addition, every attack made by every participant in the war can be reviewed and replayed by pressing the the blue and white star button shown near the top of the screen, and selecting the War Events tab. Do I lose my shield How war matchmaking works coc I attack in clan war? Does an active shield protect me in a clan war? No, your War Base can be attacked even if you have an active shield. A shield only protects your village from multiplayer attacks. What happens to defending Clan Castle troops that are defeated in a war attack? After a war attack is over, the defending Clan Castle troops that were defeated are automatically replenished. This means that the same Clan Castle troops will defend a War Base against every war attack.

No, everything will recharge automatically. No matter how many times the enemy clan attacks your war base, its traps will always be armed, its Heroes will be ready, and its X-Bows, Inferno Towers and the Eagle Artillery will be fully loaded. Winning Clan Wars How is the winning clan determined? The winner will be determined by the total stars earned by the clan, which is always on display at the top of the war map during the battle day. To win a clan war, your clan must earn more stars than the opposing clan by the time the battle day ends. If both clans score the same number of stars, the clan with the higher total destruction wins.

How do I earn stars for my clan? The stars you earn in battle are also earned by your clan. Stars in war work the same way as in multiplayer matches: However, it is important to keep in mind that only the best attack against each enemy War Base counts. If someone has already earned 2 stars on an enemy base, you will have to earn a perfect 3 stars against that same base to score one additional star for your clan. This means that, for your clan to score maximum stars, you should try to earn 3 stars from as many different enemy War Bases as you can. Often times, it is a better strategy to attack War Bases that have not yet been defeated than to try to improve a previous best attack!

What is the maximum amount of stars a clan can score in a clan war? Every enemy war base can be 3-starred, so the maximum amount of stars that your clan can earn is 3 times the number of enemy War Bases e. What happens if our clan wins the clan war? Aside from the glory of victory, every participating member of the winning clan will immediately be awarded the full bonus loot they accrued from their victorious attacks. What happens if our clan loses the clan war? Aside from the shame of defeat, members of the losing clan will suffer a stiff penalty to their bonus loot.

Can the clans tie in a clan war? Yes, a draw is possible if both clans have the earned the same number of stars and the same total destruction rate when the battle day ends. Clan wars bonus loot What is the war win bonus? The war win bonus is loot that you will earn if your clan wins the war. You can increase this bonus by attacking and defeating enemy War Bases the number of stars won does not matter. Be careful, because if you fail an attack against an enemy War Base, your war win bonus will increase by a much smaller amount! Your current war win bonus is always shown in the top left corner of the war map. Do I still get any bonus if our clan does not win the war?

Yes, you will still earn a small percentage of your war win bonus even if your clan loses, or the war ends in a draw. Do my clanmates benefit from my war win bonus? Can they help me increase it? Your war win bonus is completely your own and reflects your performance in the war. It is yours and only yours to keep if your clan wins the war. Only you can increase the bonus by winning your own attacks in the war. How are war win bonus amounts calculated? Different bases are worth different amounts of bonus loot. The higher the defensive strength of the War Base, the more bonus loot it is worth. You can see the amount of bonus loot an enemy War Base is worth by tapping on it in the war map during battle day.

What about the resources I loot from storages during a war attack? There is always a small amount of resources available in the storages of enemy War Bases. This loot is delivered to your storages immediately, just like with any other multiplayer attack. However, the amount of loot in these storages is fixed, and will always be much lower than the war win bonus. If you want to maximize your loot, winning your attacks and winning the war the best way! Do I lose resources if someone attacks me in clan wars? Where does my bonus loot go when the war is over? Bonus war loot is stored in your Clan Castle's Treasury. Finished wars Can I view clan wars after they have ended?

The entire war map and all battle machmaking will be available for a time after the war ends. What wotks if a war ends when the server goes into maintenance? Wars will pause when the server goes into maintenance. Preparation and battle days will be extended by the amount of time the server is under matchmakking. How do I start a new wlrks war once one has ended? Leaders and co-leaders can take the clan to war again from the war results screen. Clan XP is an experience system for Clans, similar to how the existing experience system is ccoc the player. By accumulating How war matchmaking works coc Clan XP, your clan work level up, which maychmaking unlock special Clan Perks that permanently benefit your clan, as occ as borders for your clan's badge.

What are Clan Perks? Clan Perks are special perks that wsr benefit your Clan. In fact, the available cells in which to enter information will vary based on Town Hall level. Additionally, once you have entered the max level for an item, it will be highlighted green. You'll be able to see at a glance how close you are to a fully maxed Base - the greener it is, the closer you are to max! Steps have been added to help you determine if a base is engineered, and, if so, what the engineering classification of the base is. This classification will be used during the war matchmaking process to ensure your clan is matched with a clan that has a similar number of engineered bases in each classification in your weight bracket.

Each tab is able to be renamed to match each member's gamername for easy planning. These changes also correlate on the Clan tab! Finally, a notes section is included to help you document your plans: The list is color coded so that the lightest and heaviest Bases can be quickly identified. Additionally you can determine which bases are engineered - and the level of engineering - which will impact the war matchmaking. The War Weight Reduction Qualifier will ensure that the heaviest bases are counted at full weight, while the lighter bases are only counted at the proper percentage. This will indicate that the Weight calculation is not accurate and needs to be corrected.

Tips and Tricks Here are some Tips and Tricks that will hopefully make it easier on you as you enter the information. Upload this spreadsheet to the cloud, such as on GoogleSheets or OneDrive; in this way, a couple of people, or even everyone in your Clan, can maintain the Weights rather than having one person shoulder the whole burden.

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